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FUCK.-Video of the Moment
January 16, 2009

Oh hello, sorry, I just went out to get some milk and I REALLY didn’t think that it would take that long. Is 2% okay? I was trying to get 1% but some ass hole just cut in front of me at the super market and grabbed it before I could reach it. Now I’m going to have to hop on the treadmill each time I eat  a bowl of cereal.

Anyways, this video has been sitting in my inbox for about a month now. I thought it was really interesting to see a couple of youtubers who you don’t normally hear cursing in their videos coming together and dropping the F-bomb (it’s a beautiful thing.)

Apparently a youtuber by the name of lovecraken (don’t bother looking up suspended accounts) was supposed to have originally uploaded this, but never got around to it, and decided to send it to his/her/its friend. Barry Aldridge saying “YOU!” at the end of the video sold it to me.



Viral Alert!- Barack Roll
August 11, 2008

So, if you haven’t seen this ingenious viral video yet, you can find it at

Honestly, if this doesn’t make you vote for Obama, then I don’t know what will.

You’re Truly,