True And Untrue, What You Guys Send Us!

You guys send us tips, which help write our articles, so we thank you for that, unfortunatly, not all of the tips turn out to be true and/or worthy of writing about as it is too public already! Sorry!

Here are two tips we received that turned out to be false.

i think you should post about charlieskies he is A PAID ACTOR! he is the english version of miley cyrus and is being hired by google to make 14 year old emo girls fall in love with him, he will then use them to advertise things for google! residentmikelee is also being paid to promote charlieskies by google which payed for him to go to 888! also charlieskies is secretly related to infamous youtuber mememolly if you watch her old videos you can tell they are SOOO related!

We did investigate this, and it all was just a fabrication and we failed to find any truth it that.

nick MONGOOS150 is afraid of spiderz and that pansy even made a video about it! neechers, toddly00 and charlieskies are also pansies because they agreed with the video! SPIDERS ARE GOING TO EAT THESE VLOGGERS, AND THEY WONT BE AROUND ANYMORE!

Mongoos150 DID infact make that video, which you can view here, but as it turns out, spiders won’t be eating those Vloggers at any random point.

Now the tips that were true.

These next two tips were sent from the same person, we did investigate each tip and found them to hold more truth than even we expected!

Daveyboyz has a mancrush on TheBorzoi and keeps trying to get him to go round his house and calls him ‘babes’ whenever they talk

It is our pleasure to tell you that it is infact true that Daveyboyz calls TheBorzoi ‘babes’ and keeps asking him to visit his home. DaveyBoyz is also currently featuring one of TheBorzoi’s videos on his autoplay, which can be seen here,

And the last tip we received contained an extract from an online conversation on Stickam, in a users Live.

TGal227 and PinkEarth88 have been enjoying sexy talk on stickam in the main chat box! haha, and i has proofs!

TGal227: I grab Rachael by the booobies and drag her into the corner where my lips meet hers, causing a firey passion only we can have as a pair.
TGal227: oops, sorry. wrong window.
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: oooh tara i love it when you do that to my ear πŸ˜‰
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: DAMMIT! STICKAM SUCKS!
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: tara, move it to skype? πŸ˜‰
TGal227: oh how embarrassing
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: sorry guys…sorry
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: i cant help it though, i get in such a hurry to reply to tara i must not click properly…
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: she makes me so hot’

The end of the conversation follows on like so…

”PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: its ok guys, no more rude talk, we’re both umm…..finished πŸ˜‰
TheBorzoi: aww, I was enjoying it… I mean, good, you should be ashamed of yourselves
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: awww andy
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: we’ll do it through you tomorrow πŸ˜‰

So at this moment, all there is to say to you guys….

Keep the tips coming in! TheTruthAboutYouTube tries extra hard to only share the truth and nothing but the truth.

– Chatting Crudely


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  1. Who the hell cares who Tara’s having web sex with? Really?

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