Paid To Go Live?

Every fan loves to see their favorite YouTubers in a live chat, have a question answered, and maybe even get the chance to help them write a song or make a prank call. And some big YouTubers have loved going on BlogTV to get a chance to talk to their subscribers.  But it turns out that this devotion to their fans may be more based on money than thankfulness to their fans.

Alex Day, nerimon, has recently posted in his “diary” ( that he gets paid £70 (about $140) each month for going on BlogTV. He said while talking about possibly stopping with BlogTV shows:

“I just don’t get as much out of them. The first couple weeks are awesome cos I hadn’t done a show like that before, so I had ideas and was enthusiastic about promoting it, but now it just seems laborious to me. It’s not cos I don’t enjoy them but that I don’t want to do something I’m not proud of.

Becky pointed out I’m getting paid for it, seventy quid a month is useful, but I’m not gonna do something I don’t enjoy just for money, I’ll motivate myself to find my own money … anyone who’s read this for more than a week will know I’ll see that statement through”

So is it possible that other YouTubers like sxephil, charlestrippy, and charlieisocoollike are also getting paid to spend time with their subscribers? And do they really care about their subscribers or is it all about the money?

-Rewarding Relations


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