Youstage Cancelled And Rearranged!!?

Unfortunatly not…

A couple of days ago, the YouTube user Daveyboyz, sent out YouTube bulletins informing people they shouldn’t buy tickets as things needed to be confirmed and the dates and place might change. A copy of the bulletin can be read below.

Alot of YouTuber’s were pleased at this news, as they were promised a central gathering, not one in Suffolk! So if it was to be changed, then surely it would be changed so more people could go….right?


Myles Dyer, a.k.a Blade376, has posted in his blog dated the 19th, that it is all going ahead for Suffolk, and that the first 100 tickets are free, IF you email in and request one by the 21st at 9pm. He also said ”Keeping in mind tickets are usually £60 and this event is to raise money for the ABC Trust, we have been fortunate enough to obtain 100 free tickets and then discounted ones which include camping, car parking and entertainment for the weekend”…… so how much are these discounted tickets? He failed to mention that part!

You can view his Blogs at and read it all for yourself.

So I’ve been wondering, who bought Train tickets, then cancelled them, then had to rebuy them? or who bought train tickets, then cancelled them, then made other plans?

In my opinion, and the opinion of others, Myles keeps making mistakes where YouStage is concerned, as we only found out about where this gathering was held nearly a month ago, and we were told it would be central, Suffolk, However, Is NOT central.

Alot of Youtubers can’t make this gathering due to its location, whereas if it was central it would get alot more attention.

And one more point, its a weekend gathering, and what about the young YouTubers who voted 5 stars every 3 minutes for 6 hours each time, who can’t come to the gathering due to location and the fact its a weekend thing…. If you are one of these young youtubers please contact us on our Gmail.

I would like to finish off by saying, I do not wish to totally hate on the gathering, its a good thing that they have chosen to use some of their winnings on a gathering, I just wish they had tried to make it more about the people who voted, rather than convenience for them.

– Crafty Crabs

From: daveyboyz
Date: August 16, 2008, 10:11 AM
Hold on tight!

Just sending a message to say do NOT book your travel
to suffolk youstage gathering yet.

arent sure totally of whats happening yet.

However, I can promise that there WILL be a gathering,
so dont be disheartened!

Will be in touch with you all soon, and let you
know exactly whats happening in a video on my channel.

Thanks guys

Davey x


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