XFactor Star Flips Out

XFactor “Star” Thomas from TheThomasShow on YouTube overreacted to a group of “haters” by posting a video (which has since been removed) designed to raise awareness of his main hater. Thomas is most famous for his failure to get through to the next round on the British hit television series, X Factor.

Thomas’ audition is above.

In Thomas’ original video, he claimed to have called the police on the hater, Castle08. So what inspired this severe action from this celebrity? It turns out, a group of UK YouTubers were offended by the fact that Thomas bragged about illegally downloading YouTube favorite NSG’s CD. This angry group then created a channel where they each made a video (which have all been removed do to the threat of police action) explaining why it was wrong for him to steal from an artist.

So who overreacted more? Who overreacted first? You decide.

-React Rationally


One Response

  1. Hallo all its XFactor Thomas here first time i noticed this a friend told me about it heres what happened from the horses mouth without mentioning any names as i have since chatted with the concerned parties and we have agreed to stop the hate it went like this i saw a vid by Hatticurex from youtube saying about nsgs album that everyone should buy it etc basicly punting his CD out i made a joke about saying and i quote myself”I know i’v just uploaded from limewire” (Which seeing as it wasnt on the share networks was impossible & even if it were it not illegal to share music on share sites as long as you dont try and make money from other artist music right) anyway Hatti went into a wild one about it and rustled up all her subs friends and shit stired it making it a big deal with nsg and castle03 and a dominion of other sheeple who blindly followed them on there rain of tyranny on myself for a one liner joke so they i’m not pointing f9ingers but there were heaps of em on my case calling me all sorts slating to all there dominions of loyal followers it was horrible the things they said about me and what they would do to me when they saw me it was a terror campaign by heaps onto one single individual (Me) i meant no one any harm it was a one liner text joke that they CHOSE to make into a mountain of trouble i recieved meaningful physical threats so i took it to the cops who said it was a crime what they were doing and that they would visit me to get a statement i informed the threatener of this and he immediately made a turn around saying he got carried away with the bashing yes an internet BASHING by the many on just one individual who has and will never have any convictions for violent related crimes i still have the threatening video as proof but i have agreed with them to let it go but as for Hatti & castle they would not let it go and kept on my back for many months i personaly beleive they were trouble raising as a form of entertainment it was sick to see people get of on this kind of distasteful bashing & backstabbing they have mental problem unfortunately i am not one of them i wish them all nothing but the best in whatev3er they do yes simon cowell had a bad day and took it out on me but thats no reason to put on a guy who has already been shat on from a great hieght by someone with more money than sense i knew simon was going to be a shit head everyone knows that and they showed the worst bit of my singing only a few seconds hundreds of thousands of people never even make it into the X room i made good TV and met Danni Minogue and sharon Ozzbourne that was good enuff for me so to sum it up simon wasted 2 years of my life in as many minutes and just as i was recovering from it i was put on by these net tyrants bullies its understandable i was not please about it eh who would be huh anyway i wish you all the best in whatever you do go for it live your dream and dont be scared of these bullies who never dare to dare ok.
    Thomas 🙂

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