BlogTV Epidemic

YouTubers have begun to switch to the video streaming site BlogTV in order to “interact” with their fans. But if these people wanted to interact, they would use a site like Stickam where their fans can talk to them on webcam and through text. BlogTV serves more as a way to see how many fans you can attract to your room than a way to get to know them.

People falling into the BlogTV trend include big YouTubers such as charlieissocoollike, Matthew Lush, nerimon, fallofautumndistro, walllofweird, and recently whataboutadam.

One of the major problems with this is the waiting room system. While you can talk to as many people as you want on sites like Stickam, you can only talk to 149 people at a time on BlogTV, leaving your other friends and fans behind. This makes BlogTV a place to interact only with the most devoted fans and in the case of charlieissocoollike, the fans who choose to wait 17 hours in advance just to have a chance to have Charlie see what they write.

The Running Rabbit


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