Neechers: Paying for Attention?!

YouTube’s neechers has been popping up in BlogTV rooms all across the internet in the past couple weeks receiving operator privileges and shoutouts everywhere. These appearances include one in the Live Awesome Guys chat where she received a shoutout from Todd (Toddly00), Nick’s (Mongoos150) room where she was the center of attention in the text chat, and Katrina’s (walllofweird) room where she was made operator immediately.

It has been reported that the reason for this attention is a money deal she made with those YouTubers along with ColorMeKristen and DrakeSizzle to get herself promoted. It has also been reported that she has been attempting to get in the very tight pants of young YouTuber charlieskies (age 15) through this purchased fame.




3 Responses

  1. […] Neechers: Paying for Attention?! […]

  2. lmao

  3. oh and by the way im sixteen

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