agroupof…wait, who are you?

Agroupoffriends, or should I say, a groupoffriendsoffriends has recently thrown up their 71st video. The “Wasn’t destined to last more then 5 videos, but was a nice idea at the time” channel seems to have substitutes for…. substitutes?

Here’s the truth. It’s not pretty, but it’s the truth. This channel most probably won’t make past September, and if it does, it will be a different groupoffriends. I mean, in the past like 5 videos they’ve said “We’re not letting this channel die.” Which is another way to say, “Holy shit balls, the ship is sinking!” Do I see agroupoffriends 2.0 in the near future? Possibly. Channels like FiveAwesomeKiwis, VlogTag, and VlogRamen seem to be making “passing the torch” a habit.


Nevertheless, MikeyPresents and ChemicalJordan are fine new additions to the channel. SheBitMyLip also did a nice job of filling in.

Yours Truly,



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