Let’s Play a Game!

January 29, 2009 - One Response

How would you guys like to play a little game with us? Now, we can’t say we started this game. It was started by Epiphanized (because we know he would cry without a link to his channel). In his blog, he played the YouTube Cock Game! This game just looked like too much fun to pass up, so let’s get started!









The UK Elitist Group:






Cock810 (No link because he got suspended. HORRAY!):


Barack Obama:


Thank you for playing! Please send in any of your own YouTube cock drawings to thetruthaboutyoutube@gmail.com

– Really Ridiculous


FUCK.-Video of the Moment

January 16, 2009 - Leave a Response

Oh hello, sorry, I just went out to get some milk and I REALLY didn’t think that it would take that long. Is 2% okay? I was trying to get 1% but some ass hole just cut in front of me at the super market and grabbed it before I could reach it. Now I’m going to have to hop on the treadmill each time I eat  a bowl of cereal.

Anyways, this video has been sitting in my inbox for about a month now. I thought it was really interesting to see a couple of youtubers who you don’t normally hear cursing in their videos coming together and dropping the F-bomb (it’s a beautiful thing.)

Apparently a youtuber by the name of lovecraken (don’t bother looking up suspended accounts) was supposed to have originally uploaded this, but never got around to it, and decided to send it to his/her/its friend. Barry Aldridge saying “YOU!” at the end of the video sold it to me.


True And Untrue, What You Guys Send Us!

August 27, 2008 - One Response

You guys send us tips, which help write our articles, so we thank you for that, unfortunatly, not all of the tips turn out to be true and/or worthy of writing about as it is too public already! Sorry!

Here are two tips we received that turned out to be false.

i think you should post about charlieskies he is A PAID ACTOR! he is the english version of miley cyrus and is being hired by google to make 14 year old emo girls fall in love with him, he will then use them to advertise things for google! residentmikelee is also being paid to promote charlieskies by google which payed for him to go to 888! also charlieskies is secretly related to infamous youtuber mememolly if you watch her old videos you can tell they are SOOO related!

We did investigate this, and it all was just a fabrication and we failed to find any truth it that.

nick MONGOOS150 is afraid of spiderz and that pansy even made a video about it! neechers, toddly00 and charlieskies are also pansies because they agreed with the video! SPIDERS ARE GOING TO EAT THESE VLOGGERS, AND THEY WONT BE AROUND ANYMORE!

Mongoos150 DID infact make that video, which you can view here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob1GWfQDgm4, but as it turns out, spiders won’t be eating those Vloggers at any random point.

Now the tips that were true.

These next two tips were sent from the same person, we did investigate each tip and found them to hold more truth than even we expected!

Daveyboyz has a mancrush on TheBorzoi and keeps trying to get him to go round his house and calls him ‘babes’ whenever they talk

It is our pleasure to tell you that it is infact true that Daveyboyz calls TheBorzoi ‘babes’ and keeps asking him to visit his home. DaveyBoyz is also currently featuring one of TheBorzoi’s videos on his autoplay, which can be seen here, http://www.youtube.com/daveyboyz

And the last tip we received contained an extract from an online conversation on Stickam, in a users Live.

TGal227 and PinkEarth88 have been enjoying sexy talk on stickam in the main chat box! haha, and i has proofs!

TGal227: I grab Rachael by the booobies and drag her into the corner where my lips meet hers, causing a firey passion only we can have as a pair.
TGal227: oops, sorry. wrong window.
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: oooh tara i love it when you do that to my ear 😉
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: DAMMIT! STICKAM SUCKS!
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: tara, move it to skype? 😉
TGal227: oh how embarrassing
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: sorry guys…sorry
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: i cant help it though, i get in such a hurry to reply to tara i must not click properly…
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: she makes me so hot’

The end of the conversation follows on like so…

”PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: its ok guys, no more rude talk, we’re both umm…..finished 😉
TheBorzoi: aww, I was enjoying it… I mean, good, you should be ashamed of yourselves
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: awww andy
PinkEarth88 [Rachael]: we’ll do it through you tomorrow 😉

So at this moment, all there is to say to you guys….

Keep the tips coming in! TheTruthAboutYouTube tries extra hard to only share the truth and nothing but the truth.

– Chatting Crudely

Paid To Go Live?

August 24, 2008 - Leave a Response

Every fan loves to see their favorite YouTubers in a live chat, have a question answered, and maybe even get the chance to help them write a song or make a prank call. And some big YouTubers have loved going on BlogTV to get a chance to talk to their subscribers.  But it turns out that this devotion to their fans may be more based on money than thankfulness to their fans.

Alex Day, nerimon, has recently posted in his “diary” (http://nerimon.diaryland.com/) that he gets paid £70 (about $140) each month for going on BlogTV. He said while talking about possibly stopping with BlogTV shows:

“I just don’t get as much out of them. The first couple weeks are awesome cos I hadn’t done a show like that before, so I had ideas and was enthusiastic about promoting it, but now it just seems laborious to me. It’s not cos I don’t enjoy them but that I don’t want to do something I’m not proud of.

Becky pointed out I’m getting paid for it, seventy quid a month is useful, but I’m not gonna do something I don’t enjoy just for money, I’ll motivate myself to find my own money … anyone who’s read this for more than a week will know I’ll see that statement through”

So is it possible that other YouTubers like sxephil, charlestrippy, and charlieisocoollike are also getting paid to spend time with their subscribers? And do they really care about their subscribers or is it all about the money?

-Rewarding Relations

Hot Connections?

August 23, 2008 - 2 Responses

Following the recent “youtuber of the week award” The vlogger YouCantKillNick has been brought to the forefront of our informational hot-line again. With rumors spreading that he has an account on “fat-tube”, “xtube” and “redtube”. Further rumours also suggest that he makes videos for one or possibly two of these sites.

With Nicks naked tendencies in his videos i as a reporter do believe that it is not unfeasible to say that he most likely does post videos to one of the sites.  The question is, does he want the people that know and respect him on his youtube to find out he is a “part time adult entertainer”?

At this time we are continuing to monitor the site to determine if this rumour is true or not.
But believe me. The Truth About Youtube will be the first to know if anything is found.


The New (improved) VlogRamen

August 21, 2008 - Leave a Response

Youtubes VLOGRAMEN (of the mike lee and katrina vera fame), has had its ass kicked up a notch from the inclusion of the duo;

Stefan Chin
Mike Aranda

Back in the old days of mike and katrina, the videos were often awesome and funny. However Stefan and Mike have broken onto new turf in terms of Comedy.

I can tell you that this reporter looks forward to not only following the next 365 days of text-less communication between them, But getting to know them better. Just as he got to know and enjoyed Mike and Katrina’s banter.


– Automatic Arsenic

Youstage Cancelled And Rearranged!!?

August 21, 2008 - Leave a Response

Unfortunatly not…

A couple of days ago, the YouTube user Daveyboyz, sent out YouTube bulletins informing people they shouldn’t buy tickets as things needed to be confirmed and the dates and place might change. A copy of the bulletin can be read below.

Alot of YouTuber’s were pleased at this news, as they were promised a central gathering, not one in Suffolk! So if it was to be changed, then surely it would be changed so more people could go….right?


Myles Dyer, a.k.a Blade376, has posted in his blog dated the 19th, that it is all going ahead for Suffolk, and that the first 100 tickets are free, IF you email in and request one by the 21st at 9pm. He also said ”Keeping in mind tickets are usually £60 and this event is to raise money for the ABC Trust, we have been fortunate enough to obtain 100 free tickets and then discounted ones which include camping, car parking and entertainment for the weekend”…… so how much are these discounted tickets? He failed to mention that part!

You can view his Blogs at http://blade376.livejournal.com/ and read it all for yourself.

So I’ve been wondering, who bought Train tickets, then cancelled them, then had to rebuy them? or who bought train tickets, then cancelled them, then made other plans?

In my opinion, and the opinion of others, Myles keeps making mistakes where YouStage is concerned, as we only found out about where this gathering was held nearly a month ago, and we were told it would be central, Suffolk, However, Is NOT central.

Alot of Youtubers can’t make this gathering due to its location, whereas if it was central it would get alot more attention.

And one more point, its a weekend gathering, and what about the young YouTubers who voted 5 stars every 3 minutes for 6 hours each time, who can’t come to the gathering due to location and the fact its a weekend thing…. If you are one of these young youtubers please contact us on our Gmail.

I would like to finish off by saying, I do not wish to totally hate on the gathering, its a good thing that they have chosen to use some of their winnings on a gathering, I just wish they had tried to make it more about the people who voted, rather than convenience for them.

– Crafty Crabs

From: daveyboyz
Date: August 16, 2008, 10:11 AM
Hold on tight!

Just sending a message to say do NOT book your travel
to suffolk youstage gathering yet.

arent sure totally of whats happening yet.

However, I can promise that there WILL be a gathering,
so dont be disheartened!

Will be in touch with you all soon, and let you
know exactly whats happening in a video on my channel.

Thanks guys

Davey x

The First YouTuber of the Week

August 19, 2008 - Leave a Response

The YouTuber of the Week award for this week goes to YouCantKillNick. You can find him at http://youtube.com/youcantkillnick.

He recently decided to do a 24 hour vlogging marathon where for one whole day he posted a video every hour. Is he crazy? Possibly. Is he on drugs? Definitely. But this English boy showed dedication to YouTube through these 24 videos.

During this period, Nick didn’t just make 24 short vlogs. He made eight vlogs, eight video responses, and eight short films and he was only clothed for about half of them.

So go to his channel and see for yourself. You may find yourself falling in love with this self proclaimed stoner.

Hey, Look! We have twitter!

August 18, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to inform you all that we have made a new twitter account to send you all quick updates of new articles, random info that won’t make it to article form, and more. Click that glorious “Follow” button at twitter.com/TheTruthAboutYT(we won’t tell anyone.)

Also, you can now send us anonymous tips at our gmail account (TheTruthAboutYoutube@gmail.com) We’d love the support!



XFactor Star Flips Out

August 14, 2008 - One Response

XFactor “Star” Thomas from TheThomasShow on YouTube overreacted to a group of “haters” by posting a video (which has since been removed) designed to raise awareness of his main hater. Thomas is most famous for his failure to get through to the next round on the British hit television series, X Factor.

Thomas’ audition is above.

In Thomas’ original video, he claimed to have called the police on the hater, Castle08. So what inspired this severe action from this celebrity? It turns out, a group of UK YouTubers were offended by the fact that Thomas bragged about illegally downloading YouTube favorite NSG’s CD. This angry group then created a channel where they each made a video (which have all been removed do to the threat of police action) explaining why it was wrong for him to steal from an artist.

So who overreacted more? Who overreacted first? You decide.

-React Rationally